Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Let's Hear It For Copy Protection

So in my third attempt to get Sequel to install on my computer, I finally gave up and copied files one at a time from the DVD to my hard disk so that the system would stop hanging up. This seems to have worked.

I ran the install. That seems to have worked.

But one of the earlier crashes has eaten the Activation Code for my software. You can get a new Activation Code if you have registered the software. Of course, to register the software, you have to get it to run once. Which means that you cannot have an installation fail and eat your Activation Code, because if you do, you can't get a new Activation Code.

At this point, I have sent a support request off to the folks at Steinberg which was about as polite as possible under the circumstances. And I've wasted another two hours of my life on this.

I'm less than thrilled.

And all this for a product that costs less than $100. I'm thinking very evil thoughts about German manufacturers right now.
Tags: filk, musings, tech

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