Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Saturday at FKO

We started off the day with lunch with Steven Joel and France. After that, it was off to the main room for my concert set, which was:

Dreams of Distant Light
Crystal Dance
Genie In a Bottle
Into the Day
Imagination Rising
The Sinister Walk
Nine Things
Stuff (with Gretchen)
Apology (with Gretchen)

Stuff went over really, really well. And hbruton, our Artist Guest, had never heard Apology. :)

After that, we had the rest of the afternoon lineup of concerts and one-shots. Marilyn Miller, the Bedlam Bards, and Vixy & Tony all did a fine job of keeping folks entertained.

We dropped Katie off with the Con Suite folks who had volunteered to babysit for her during the Filk Hall of Fame banquet. And everyone was delighted to hear the new inductees, Bob and Anne Passovoy and Steve and Colleen Savitsky. Bob and Anne couldn't be here, but had asked me to accept for them; the Savitsky's were here and were clearly quite moved.

Then back to the main room for the songwriting contest, the Interfilk auction ($525 for Tony and Vixy's lavishly produced one-shot songbook for Thirteen!), and then the open filk. Gretchen retired around midnight with Katie after our daughter decided to try to strum Daddy's guitar and turn the pages of my song book while I was playing Too Many Years. I hung out until about 2 AM, then turned in for the night. I would have stayed longer, as it was a darned fine filk, but I had a workshop in the morning to go along with a baby girl.

More later!
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