Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


The topic for the songwriting contest at FKO this year was "Nightmares in the Dark". And this song placed third...

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2008


There are things I need to know.
If you don’t know, just tell me so
And I will see the truth in what you say.
I hear the words roll past your lips
And in your pain composure slips.
You really shouldn’t lie to me on this or any day.
I do not need the touch of you.
I just need to be here.
And do I ask too much of you
To ask you not to fear?
And I’m sorry that the pain will have to rise
While all that you are telling me are lies.

Tell me truth, don’t tell me lies
‘Cause if you do the pain will rise.
The only way to end it
Is to answer what I ask.
They say the truth will set you free
And I’ll know if you lie to me.
Stop trying to defend it
And let the truth flow past.
That’s all I ask.

You try to hide the truth from me,
But, in the end, I’m sure you’ll see
The truth is less expensive than the pain.
And though you try to hide away
It doesn’t matter anyway.
You really shouldn’t think that – you’ll find I’m not insane.
It’s just a simple power
That is mine and mine alone
And it never takes an hour
Until the truth is known.
And I’m sorry that the pain will have to rise
While all that you are telling me are lies.

I separate the sheep from goats.
My friends are waiting, taking notes.
No innocence is there for me to find.
I need to know what you have planned.
Have all the pain that you can stand.
Mindripper is my name, I am the nightmare in your mind.
Now I have the truth you hid
And men rush for the door.
To save innocents from what you did,
I’ve given pain once more.
And I’m sorry as I look into your eyes,
But pain’s the price of telling me your lies.
Tags: cons, filk, lyrics, musings

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