Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Just Play

Katie was napping, daisy_knotwise was downstairs reading in between loads of laundry, and I walked into the bedroom to grab my guitar. And then this happened:

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2008

Just Play

When your work is a bore
And you walk out that door
And your mood is a dark shade of gray
And you’re hoping to find
Somewhere deep in your mind
A little something better today,
Just let go your cares
As you walk up the stairs
‘Cause you know that you’ve got something to say.
Open the case
In your favorite place
And grab your guitar and just play.

Just play
And send all your worries away.
It’s really been a hell of a day,
But the music’s gonna make it ok.
So turn on the light
‘Cause we’re playing all night
In a fine improvisational way.
Let go your fears
And clean out your ears
And grab your guitar and just play.

So you’re playing around
And you find a new sound
In the music that you heard long before.
So you’re tweaking it here,
Rearranging it there,
And pretty soon you’ve got a new score.
Yeah, you’ve got something new
And you’re feeling less blue
In a positive, creationist way.
Now you’re writing your tune
By the light of the moon
As you grab your guitar and just play.

Now you’re looking for words
In the music you’ve heard
And you see the story starting to form.
She’s just one lonely spark
Left alone in the dark
And she only wants to find some place warm.
And she might have a chance
And she might find romance
In the new place where she’s going to stay.
Yeah, it might take a while,
But you’ll end with a smile
When you grab your guitar and just play.

(Chorus twice to coda)

And grab your guitar
‘Cause we’re going so far
From the place where we are.
Set your eye on a star
And grab your guitar and just play.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings
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