Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Baby Meltdowns

Well, I suppose that couldn't have been too great a surprise. Katie has decided to have an insecurity meltdown. We went back to the food court at the mall for dinner, which turned out to be a good choice when Katie chose to throw a full-fledged classic tantrum in the middle of the floor, face down, arms and legs flailing. Since the food court wasn't too crowded and the acoustics were lousy, we were reasonably safe in saying to her, "You can have a fit, but we're not impressed." All of this is, no doubt, being exacerbated by being away from home for so long.

Katie did, subsequently, prove quite fond of the caramel gelato that I'd gotten from a booth in the food court. I was fond of it too, along with the chocolate turtle, and dark chocolate flavors that I tried. daisy_knotwise had the white chocolate hazelnut, tiramisu, and rum raisin and pronounced them all good.

But I digress. Julie wasn't doing real well this evening, as she managed to poop through her diapers more than once today and periodically would urp up what she'd eaten. I finally decided that we should try her on some soy formula, so I headed off to Cub Foods again to grab some, along with laundry detergent, bleach, and some opportunistic pretzels and brown mustard as a present for Gretchen.

By the time I got back, Katie was in full-fledged clingy mode. If Gretchen was holding Julie, Katie wanted to be held by her as well, which was a bit more than Gretchen could easily handle. I eventually distracted her with the pretzels. :)

But I sang her to sleep tonight, then had to get her to go back to sleep again when she woke up when I carried her into the other room. So with luck, she'll decide we still love her.

She's just not the only center of the universe any more.
Tags: kids, musings

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