Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Comparison Study

Today on You Wanted To Know, we'll be answering this viewer question: "Which is more painful: having a tooth extracted or having your drivers license renewed?"

Our roving reporter, Bill, was sent to the dentist's office this morning, where he had been told he was going to have a crown replaced. But upon inspecting the tooth, the dentist concluded that it was badly cracked and couldn't be saved, so an immediate extraction was scheduled. To give the tooth extraction a fair chance in this scenario, anesthesia was provided. Shortly thereafter, the tooth was removed in several pieces.

After this, Bill was sent to the Secretary of State facility in Niles, where he waited briefly, had a vision test, paid his $10, had a photo taken, and was issued his new drivers license.

So, Bill, which was more painful?

"Well, I'd say--"

You don't have to clench your teeth.

"Actually, yes, I do. The packing isn't ready to be removed yet."

Ah, ok.

"Both the tooth extraction and the drivers license renewal were relatively painless. However, the anesthesia hasn't worn off yet, so we'll let you know how that goes later. Overall, I think I prefer the drivers license renewal."

And there you have it! The drivers license renewal is less painful than having a tooth extracted.

Tune in next week when we answer the burning question, "What if movie musicals actually did happen in real life?"
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