Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Adobe Blues

Well, no thanks to the folks at Adobe, but I've now got the new version of Creative Suite installed and running. Aside from their crappy copy-protection scheme, they also have a crappy omnibus installer that can't successfully uninstall Acrobat 7 so that Acrobat 8 can be installed.

This wouldn't be so bad, but the omnibus installer simply fails and doesn't tell you why. And, of course, technical support wasn't open last night when I was trying to install the mess, nor would it be open again until Monday.

I finally teased their knowledge base into revealing that you had to run the stand-alone installer for Acrobat 7 to uninstall it. You also have to pull up the Task Manager and kill three processes that load up automatically when you have Acrobat loaded, but at least it tells you which three processes.

If you've been working with PCs for 25 years, this isn't too complex, I suppose...
Tags: musings, software, tech

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