Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Benefits of Good Conversation

daisy_knotwise, Katie, Julie, and I headed down to Champaign today to drop off a surplus dresser and several other small items with catalana. We got there around 3 PM and left around 9 PM, having a fine dinner of Papa Del's pizza, and a lot of good conversation.

Sitting around and taking our time turned out to be a very good thing, because while we were doing that, the tornadoes were busily trashing the south suburbs of Chicago, including overturning semis on I-57, our route there and back. It actually wasn't that close a thing, as we missed the storms by about three hours on the way down and five hours on the way back, but I'm delighted to have missed them that completely. Gretchen, the meteorologist, maybe not so much...

They were still trying to clear the road at Monee when we got there at 10 PM. We were diverted off onto the local roads where all of the power was off and the police were directing traffic. Eventually, we made our way north on Crawford and Cicero and back to the Tri-State and home.

Those were a few sections of Chicagoland I've never seen before -- and that I probably won't see again for a long time, I hope!
Tags: musings, weather

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