Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Egoscanning the Brainstorming Poll

The results of the Pegasus Brainstorming Poll are out and -- as I suspect many folks who write filk did -- I popped over to do a bit of egoscanning. (For those of you who aren't old APA hands, the term in that context refers to looking for comments on your previous contributions to the APA.) And since I find myself with a minor case of baby-assisted insomnia, writing something on the subject is probably more useful than lying in bed not sleeping. (And maybe when I'm done, I'll be tired enough to get back to sleep. :) )

First, let me thank anyone who mentioned me in their brainstorming polls. I appreciate it! (Heck, thanks to anyone who bothered to fill out a brainstorming poll -- it's always interesting to look at the results, especially in the floating categories.) And it's nice to find myself in some really good company.

I think Crystal Dance is one of the better songs that I've written recently and it's really nice to see it wind up on the list of suggestions for Best Song, along with Midnight Girl, which I wrote for Katie, and Teenage Popsicle Girl, which appears to continue to have some legs after all these years. Although I was a bit surprised to see it pop up in the Best Tragedy category as well -- I'm not quite sure that cheeriose qualifies there. :) Best Comedy, well, yes, thank you! And Best Classic. Not bad for a song that was once left off a live album because the producer thought it was a "funny once".

And thanks for listing Too Many Years in the Best Classic category. It's one of my favorite songs that I've written and I will get around to recording it sometime soon. (Or daisy_knotwise will hit me.) And also for suggesting Gretchen's and my Apology in the Best Comedy category. We've certainly enjoyed performing it -- and I wish I had a videotape of judifilksign signing it at FKO a couple of years ago, because I didn't dare watch her at the time!

I have to admit that I was a bit bemused when I thought about my own songs and the Best Tragedy category. For someone nicknamed "The Grim Roper", I suddenly realized that I don't actually write a lot of tragedies. The Destroyer would qualify, I suppose, but we've rather beaten it to death the last couple of years. :) Also, I had to truncate Gordy's novel by excising the original novellette, since the book actually has a happy ending.

I also remember fondly andpuff sitting across a filk circle after catalana and I had just performed Behind the Mask and Illusions from the musical that I've been working on, and Tanya asking me, "Bill, this musical does have a happy ending, doesn't it?" Well, yes, it does. :)

Actually, of things that I've written in the last 20 years that you're likely to have heard, the most tragic of the lot is probably Falling Toward Orion. But it's a very pretty tragedy...

That's probably enough of me talking about me, I think. Now let's see if I've tired myself out enough to get some more sleep. :)
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