Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Plan B

I crawled out of bed at 7 AM to call the service department at Elmhurst Lincoln-Mercury. The fellow that I spoke to said that the car was not there yet -- did I know the name of the towing company? I didn't, but as a result of the numerous calls last night, I had their number in my cellphone which I switched on, retrieved the number from, and passed along to the service guy.

He called them, verified that they had the car, and that they'd get it there by 10 AM or so. Neither of us were particularly impressed by that. He then wanted the VIN to look up my extended warranty. Of course, insurance cards and vehicle registration were in the glove compartment, but some rooting around in my files found a service receipt with the VIN.

He's verified that I have coverage, that I'm entitled to a rental car, and that we can make this work. He'll call me once he has the car; I'll head down there later to pick up the rental, assuming that he's not able to fix it trivially. I don't expect a trivial fix, given the way the car was behaving last night.

fleetfootmike is still adjusting to the time change and was quite awake, so I have introduced him to the tea kettle, tea, and cinnamon raisin toast, which he was awake enough not to butter with the garlic butter from the refrigerator. I'm going back to bed; Mike is working on a song. :)

More later.
Tags: car, filk, musings, tech

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