Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cubs vs. Sox

We had originally thought that we would invite a couple of friends to join us at today's Cubs / Sox game down at Wrigley. However, first we thought it wise to line up a babysitter. Unfortunately, all three of our babysitting possibilities fell through. daisy_knotwise suggested that I could just take three friends and leave her home with the kids. I thought this was a rather bad idea; instead, we could just take the kids.

So we did. Julie was neatly ensconsed in the snuggly that Gretchen altered to fit her last night, while Katie had her friend, the monkey, strapped to her back so that Daddy could make sure that she didn't take off unexpectedly. We drove down to the shuttle bus lot, took the bus across to Wrigley, and piled into our seats. The weather being good and the kids being reasonably cooperative, we managed to see all nine innings of the Cubs 11 to 7 victory over the Sox, a game that was not quite as close as the final score would indicate. The Cubs nine run fourth inning had a lot to do with that...

We've now managed to get home. Katie is taking a nap, Julie will soon follow, and we've ordered a pizza.

Life is good.
Tags: baseball, cubs, kids, musings

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