Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Change of Plans

After yesterday's Capricon-related runaround and child swap that daisy_knotwise and I performed, I said to her this morning, "I know that we originally said that we'd put both of the large child seats in the van when Julie gets old enough to need one, then swap them back and forth between the cars rather than buy two expensive new car seats and have neither car able to carry more than one adult passenger without rearranging things. Given that we're likely to want to split the kids between us on occasion, we should buy one new car seat for my car so that each of us is capable of carrying at least one kid without a seat swap. When you need my car with the two kids because, for instance, the van has gone with me to a con without you, then we can move a second seat into my car."

Gretchen thought that sounded reasonable and we planned to buy another car seat several months from now. So after lunch, she ran into Michaels looking for ribbon for Julie's christening dress and frame parts for the painting that catalana gave us (successful on the first; no luck on the second). Then we stopped at Sam's Club where I ran in to grab baby wipes and meat.

And there, on the corner opposite the wipes, was a stack of car seats, identical to the two that we have. Now, Gretchen would prefer a seat that's slightly easier to install. On the other hand, this was an expensive car seat that seemed to be here because it was being closed out for $92. I called Gretchen on her cellphone.

And then I bought another car seat.

What I saved on that seat just about paid for two years of Sam's Club memberships. Not bad.
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