Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Annatto? A No No.

Katie really, really likes the little Graduates corn snacks. They're sort of like Cheetos for toddlers. But daisy_knotwise noticed a while back that when she's been eating them, she starts misbehaving a lot, so we stopped buying the things. That worked pretty well, except that Katie grabbed a can of them in the Wal-Mart recently and Gretchen remembered that she liked them, but not the subsequent misbehavior, so she went ahead and bought more of them.

And Katie gradually chowed her way through the can, misbehaving all the way. *sigh*

Last night, I picked up the empty can and carefully read the list of ingredients again, looking for anything suspect. The last ingredient on the list was "annatto color extract". So I went off to Google and found that a number of people have bad reactions to it, which might just explain the way Katie misbehaves after eating it.

(This is not to say that I trust everything I see on random websites that I google up, but rather to say that I'm willing to let them confirm my own observations from time to time.)

So just because it's a "natural" ingredient, it doesn't mean it should be on Katie's diet.

And from now on, it won't be.
Tags: food, kids, musings, tech

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