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Detoxification Continues

I'm ramping down the dosage on the antihistamines as I slowly improve from my sulfite poisoning. This is improving my attention span, which was somewhere down around the level of Kiki the Ferret.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get some work done (compile in progress!) and am planning to meet Gretchen for lunch, which has added one more item to her busy schedule of errands for the day. (There's a WindyCon mailing meeting tonight at our house. I hear people may actually show up for the mailing this year. Last year, not even the Publications head showed up. *sigh* So Gretchen is running around picking up stamps and such.)

For some perverse reason that I don't understand, sunshine seems to help clear up the associated skin rash. This is another good reason to go out for lunch. :)
Tags: cons, home, musings, windycon
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