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Fortunately, at least for me, this was someone else's crunch.

I was walking out across the parking lot on my way to lunch and noticed a fire truck and an ambulance. As I got closer, I saw a man who'd been loaded on a stretcher and an SUV that had bashed into a rather expensive car. My reconstruction of the accident is that the expensive Lexus from Texas had pulled out from one of the side aisles into the main aisle leading to the exit without bothering to stop and notice the rather large SUV that proceeded to hit him, not having a lot of choice in the matter. (The SUV, not the Lexus.)

When I got back, everything had been cleared away save for the Lexus from Texas, which was sitting forlornly in the parking lot, its left front wheel sitting at a very odd angle with the shock absorber sticking out and a big bunch of dented metal on the left front panel.

At least the SUV managed to avoid hitting the guy squarely in the door. Given where they ended up, I'd guess he swerved.

I knew that I needed to be careful when making that turn.
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