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daisy_knotwise took the van in to the dealership (which has been sold since we bought the van) for some recall work. The dealership called back with a list of $1900 worth of work that the van needs that isn't covered by the extended warranty. They also claim that the silly tire pressure sensor -- which would be covered by the warranty -- is working, although the folks at Meineke (who we actually do trust) have told us it is burnt out.

We have declined the interesting work list and will be taking the van to Meineke at our earliest opportunity to find out what they think it needs.

It's a shame, because this is the dealer closest to our home, but I'm being pretty unimpressed at the moment. Maybe more data will change my mind.

Maybe not.

Update: We'd called after lunch to see how the work was coming and were told that they'd call back when the work was done. When we didn't get a call by late afternoon, Gretchen called back and was told that the service department was closed, the car was waiting for parts, and that the service guys had called and left a message to that effect on our answering machine.

Exactly which answering machine that would be is a mystery to us, as there's no message on the home phone or either of our two cellphones.

Keep digging, guys.
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