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Juliana Leigh Roper: The Christening

As promised, here are some pictures from Julie's christening. It was a lovely ceremony.

Little Old Me Little Old Me
Do you like my new dress? It was a gift from Connie.
This Dress Is Big This Dress Is Big
Julie in the christening dress Gretchen made for her. The shoes are the ones her Aunt Carol wore for her christening. They're a bit small...
What Is This Cake You Speak Of? What Is This Cake You Speak Of?
Cake? Yes, cake. That sounds very promising.
Mary and Julie Mary and Julie
Mary is a priest in the Old Catholic church who christened both Katie and Julie.
The Christening The Christening
And here's the actual christening, as the whole family gets into the picture.
All Present and Accounted For All Present and Accounted For
Of course, Katie wanted to get closer to the action.
The Aforementioned Cake The Aforementioned Cake
Inside? Chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse layer. Yum!
My Blanket And Me My Blanket And Me
See? It's quite a nice blanket.
Very Tired Very Tired
After all the hubbub, Julie was tired. Very tired.
Baby Sister Baby Sister
See? This is my baby sister, Julie.
Gently Please Gently Please
We're still working on that part.
Alakazam! Alakazam!
And now I will change you into someone old enough to play with me!
Is This Safe? Is This Safe?
At least, that's what it looks like Julie's thinking.
Not So Bad Not So Bad
See, this isn't so bad. Did you hear that there's cake?
What Was That? What Was That?
My! That certainly was unusual!
No Problem No Problem
See, there was nothing to worry about.
I'm The Big Sister I'm The Big Sister
You all should remember that, ok?

Afterwards, I grilled burgers and Polish sausage. And, of course, there was cake. :)
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