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Bill Roper's Journal
Cubs Lose 
26th-Jul-2008 10:31 pm
Well, it was an interesting game. daisy_knotwise and I left Katie and Julie with our sitter-next-door and headed down to Wrigley Field with bedlamhouse and ladyat to watch the Cubs play the Marlins. Rich Harden made another fine, but short, start for the Cubs, striking out 10 in 5 innings of work. Unfortunately, he left with a 2-1 lead that the bullpen couldn't hold and the Cubs eventually lost in 13 innings, not too long after Piniella was ejected in the top of the ninth for arguing a call at first base.

So it was definitely interesting.

After the game, we picked up the kids and headed over to Sweet Baby Ray's for dinner. And now everyone's getting ready to crash out.

It was a long day.
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