Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Grid Wars

I've been working on a new/old project here at work that would allow me to set up a virtual data grid to access data in our Chart of Accounts. Once you populate the grid, you can then render it to the screen or to XML or whatever, but all that you actually build out in the virtual grid are the row and column headers.

Today, I started to add our access control system to the project so that the grid could return whether or not a cell was, say, read-only after the access control checks. Then I stopped, because the access control system isn't accessible (no pun intended) in the DLL that I'm working on.

So the next thing I have to do is to hit the access control system with a little ballpeen hammer, breaking it into the appropriate fragments to integrate with the various systems that it's trying to control access to.

What fun!
Tags: musings, work

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