Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Arriving In the Wrong Story #2

Before any of the townspeople were willing to even consider evacuating the town, because of the imminent collapse of the dam above the town, it was first necessary for our hero to repave all of the roads that lead out of town, at least one of which appeared to have a hole in it from his arrival on the scene. It would be good to make a softer landing next time, he thought to himself.

"Ok, now would you please let me get you out of town before the dam bursts?"

"Oh, heck. That dam's going to be just fine. And it's just so much more pleasurable driving around town now that you've fixed the streets. We'll just go cruising by the malt shop instead."

It was then that he noticed the incoming thunderstorm...
Tags: musings
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