Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Four Months Old

Today, Julie turned four months old. This means that it's time for more baby pictures. :)

Mother and Daughter Mother and Daughter
Julie was four months old today.
Smile for the Camera Smile for the Camera
Katie gives Julie a bit of assistance in locating the camera.
Bouncing Bouncing
Julie's getting to like the exersaucer. And the mohawk is *starting* to bend over under its own weight.
Katie's Gargoyle Katie's Gargoyle
It was *supposed* to be Mommy's gargoyle. Katie's quite fond of it.
Yeah?  So? Yeah? So?
I'm assuming that you've got something in mind here.
Look At Daddy Look At Daddy
Katie is *trying* to get Julie to look at the camera. Daddy's just going to go ahead and shoot anyway.
Sister Sister
It's my sister!
Big Kiss Big Kiss
Here's a big kiss for your four month birthday.
And a Hug And a Hug
And a big hug to go with it.

Tags: kids, musings, photos

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