Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Last Day of Summer

It was the last day of summer, so after breakfast at Charcoal Delights -- where Katie was determined to steal Mommy's eggs -- we dropped Katie and Julie off at a friend's house and went down to Wrigley Field for the last game of the regular season. Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost which, in combination with the Phillies victory tonight, eliminated them from the playoff picture. Mind you, the odds were pretty long by this point anyway, but now I can root for the Cubs for the rest of the season with a clear conscience. :)

After we picked up Katie (who had skipped her nap) and Julie (who hadn't), we ran up to RAM for dinner. Katie was being moderately badly behaved, running away around the edges of the parking lot. This has been getting worse lately and is behavior we need to discourage right now. By the time we got home, Katie had worked herself up into persona non grata mode.

But first, she needed a bath, if for no other reason than to get the caramel from the apple dippers out of her hair. She was actually pretty well-behaved in the bath -- I suspect she realized that the limits of parental patience had arrived. We even managed to use the special bucket to rinse shampoo out of her hair without getting water in her eyes.

And then it was time to bathe baby sister. And the entertainment began.

Helping Bathe Julie Helping Bathe Julie
Katie had just had her bath, so it was time to bathe Julie. Daddy figured Mommy had enough help, so he retreated to the other room. And *then* he heard the commotion and realized it was time to grab the camera.
Still Helping Still Helping
And now, the incredible flying baby trick. About this time, Gretchen said, "Was that a flash?"
Whatcha Doin', Daddy? Whatcha Doin', Daddy?
Taking pictures, dear, at great risk to my future health. Why do you ask?
Let's Do It Again! Let's Do It Again!
Because climbing Mount Mommy *once* is apparently not enough.
Hey!  Look at the Baby! Hey! Look at the Baby!
I can almost reach her from here.
What Else Can I Do To Help? What Else Can I Do To Help?
I'm thinking that maybe it's about time to put the camera away while I still have a chance of surviving...

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