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Bill Roper's Journal
14th-Oct-2008 10:41 am
I know that some of you on my friends list have read reports that someone at a McCain / Palin rally shouted "Kill him" about Barack Obama. Some of you believe that's what happened.

Interestingly, Dana Milbank, a left-wing columnist who reported the story, doesn't. He believes they were shouting about Bill Ayers. As I said elsewhere, that's not a nice thing to be shouting about someone who was involved in planting bombs in the U.S., but it is, at least, an understandable reaction.

There's a whole bunch of information about this here on a blog run by a fellow who is one of the adjective-that-I've-forgotten District Attorneys out in L.A. He'll give you all the links so you have a fighting chance of understanding how you may have been misled about this.

Maybe you'll go read it. Maybe you won't.

If you do, maybe you'll think about how your news sources of choice may have misled you about other issues. I still remember articles about the same McGovern speech in 1972 that were printed in the local conservative and liberal newspapers. You wouldn't know they were reporting on the same speech.

I haven't trusted the press since then. Or maybe I should say, I hand out my trust in dribs and drabs, based on my ability to verify that the source is telling me at least part of the truth. And I try to recognize the biases of the newspaper (or other media source), reporters, and editorial board that are bringing me the information.

Because I don't believe in an unbiased press.

And now I am going to do something that I have never done before. I am turning off comments on this post, because I am just tired.

Given that I still have this cold, I suppose I could say that I'm sick and tired.

You all are entitled to your opinions. And I suppose it could be your opinion that Milbank is lying or just wrong. But that's not the opinion of the Secret Service.

And I think I'll choose to trust them today.
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