Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Toes, Daddy!

It was a sufficiently lousy day that I asked daisy_knotwise to run out and pick up some frozen custard for dessert. I also figured that she'd been watching the kids all evening while I dealt with WindyCon business, so she needed a break. It turned out that Katie wanted to go with her, but Katie strapped into a car seat is a bit easier than Katie to deal with running loose. :)

Gretchen said, "So pick up your other daughter and spend valuable bonding time with her." This seemed reasonable, so while Tampa Bay finished kicking the Red Sox around Fenway Park, I picked up Julie -- who greeted me with a big smile! -- and held her sitting upright on my lap talking to her.

She seemed to like this. She also seemed fond of her toes, as she grabbed each foot and inserted it in her mouth. Later, she grabbed my index finger and shoved the edge of it in to chew on some more.

I'm thinking there are going to be teeth before too long.
Tags: baseball, home, kids, musings, windycon

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