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It was Halloween and I took Katie out trick or treating for the first time. We only hit the six active houses on our block, because that was about as much walking as Katie wanted to do.

Of course, there were pictures.

Dressing Pooh Dressing Pooh
Here's Mommy getting Katie back into her Pooh costume. It's already rather the worse for wear.
Piglet Piglet
And here's Julie, standing in as Piglet.
Mommy, Pooh, and Piglet Mommy, Pooh, and Piglet
So now we've got them all together, as Katie continues to work on her Halloween candy.
Tight Strap Tight Strap
As Julie looks at Gretchen, reminding her that her head has grown in the last week since Gretchen made the headgear and the strap is now just a bit tight.
Chocolate Eating Pooh Chocolate Eating Pooh
Pooh has been hard at work on the chocolate, as you can see on her face. It could have been worse. It could have been hunny.
Daddy, Piglet, Pooh, and Tigger Daddy, Piglet, Pooh, and Tigger
And here's Daddy in his costume with the kids. And the singing, bouncing Tigger that he bought for Katie today at the store. Because Katie likes Tigger. A lot.
Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit
And here's a friend of ours in the Jessica Rabbit costume that Gretchen made for her.
Pooh, Daddy, and Piglet Pooh, Daddy, and Piglet
Against all odds, Pooh has been coaxed onto the couch with Daddy and Piglet. Shoot now, Mommy!

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