Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Six Months Old

Julie turned six months old today. Having completely missed taking her five month photos in a welter of confusion leading up to ConClave, I'm making up for lost time. Of course, Katie wanted to get in on the act too.

My Amazing Big Sister My Amazing Big Sister
Julie is endlessly impressed by Katie, especially when she isn't being hugged. Right now, it looks like she'd like to figure out how to grasp holding her own bottle. Normally, Katie only gets a bottle when going to bed, but this one got out a bit early.
Say Cheese! Say Cheese!
Cool! A camera!
Watchful Waiting Watchful Waiting
Julie keeps an eye on Katie, watching out for the dangerous hug.
I'm Teething, You Know I'm Teething, You Know
That whole teething process is just really annoying.
Take My Picture, Now! Take My Picture, Now!
Of course, you can't have a camera around, it seems, without Katie wanting to mug for it.
Ok, I'm Looking Ok, I'm Looking
Look at Daddy, she says. Ok, I'm looking. It'd be more interesting if he'd put the camera down.
Teething Is Serious Business Teething Is Serious Business
That's why I'm chewing on my lower lip.
Look Out! Look Out!
Mommy, pay attention. Look at what Katie's doing!
Who, Me? Who, Me?
I'm just sitting here in Daddy's chair. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Miss Photogenic Miss Photogenic
Somebody really likes the camera. The orange stains are the remains of the mac and cheese she had a few minutes earlier.
All Together Now All Together Now
You wouldn't think it would be so hard to get a picture of Gretchen and the kids together. Ha!
My Friends, Tigger and Pooh My Friends, Tigger and Pooh
I bought Tigger for Katie yesterday. Our friend, Steve, brought the giant Pooh cutout today. Katie is delighted. She presses the button to make Tigger sing and then dances with Pooh. We are *so* doomed.

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