Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

WindyCon After Action Report

Things went generally well overall and in my neck of the woods, thanks to a lot of help from my friends. The various Special Events that I was responsible for went off with a minimal number of glitches, the girls were pretty well behaved (save that Julie screamed whenever she was separated from Gretchen for any length of time) -- the SpaceTime show was largely saved by ladyat managing to get the baby to sleep for a while.

dave_ifversen made many things possible (along with qnofhrt), including the Fannish Feud session on Friday where both players and audience seemed to enjoy themselves. The Filkers beat the Techies, but not by a huge amount.

The Masquerade went well, although it could have used more entries. We need to figure out how to get more of the cool hall costumes into the Masquerade. I have ideas. I could use more. :) And the Dance apparently went well, so that was good too.

Next year, a new Chair and the same hotel, barring anything unforeseen happening.
Tags: cons, musings, windycon

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