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Bill Roper

Katie's Second Birthday

It was Katie's second birthday, so it was time to take some photos. :)

Katie, Julie, and Balloons Katie, Julie, and Balloons
Here's Katie with the helium balloons that Gretchen bought for her birthday. Yes, the Pooh balloon says "Baby's 1st Birthday", but I don't think Katie minds. :)
Bouncy Julie Bouncy Julie
Meanwhile, Julie is watching the fun from her exersaucer.
Balloons, Huh? Balloons, Huh?
Yes, the balloons are very interesting.
Ah, the Camera Ah, the Camera
Yes, Julie, look at the camera. Thanks, Katie, for pointing that out.
Katie and the Birthday Cake Katie and the Birthday Cake
Hey! My cake's on fire!
One Candle Down One Candle Down
And one candle is blown out with a bit of help from Mommy. One to go.
Serious Study Serious Study
Ok, now exactly *how* does this thing work?
Cake and Frozen Custard Cake and Frozen Custard
Katie is now helping herself to Gretchen's cake and custard. As you can see from the dish on the end table, it's not from any lack of her *own* cake and custard. It's simply that Mommy's is *better*.
A Birthday Sounds Like Fun A Birthday Sounds Like Fun
Can I have one? Yes, dear, in about five and a half months...
Mashup Mashup
Mommy's cake and custard having been devoured, it's now time to do a bit of a mashup on the original dish of dessert.
She Knows She's Cute She Knows She's Cute
Oh, yeah. Pretty much dangerously cute.
Opening Presents Opening Presents
Katie got the hang of the opening presents thing at Christmas last year. Gretchen expects we're going to have to *hide* the presents this year.
Making Progress Making Progress
And progress *is* being made.
Pooh and Pooh Pooh and Pooh
And here's the Pooh backpack and the stuffed Winnie the Pooh that were in the box.
Hi There! Hi There!
I'm just sitting here watching all the fun. How are you?
Does He Sing? Does He Sing?
Katie has figured out that many of her toys sing and dance if you squeeze their paw. Not so for this wonderfully *quiet* Winnie the Pooh.
I Would Like To Have a Birthday I Would Like To Have a Birthday
I know, darling. Soon. Very soon.
Studying Pooh Studying Pooh
So this is Pooh. He's very soft.
Pooh in Pooh Pooh in Pooh
And as it happens, the stuffed Pooh fits in the backpack Pooh.
Cool, Daddy! Cool, Daddy!
I have my very own Pooh backpack. Cool!
A Bit Undignified A Bit Undignified
Ok, it's a bit undignified. I'm a baby. You got a problem with that?
I'm Teething, You Know I'm Teething, You Know
Pink bunny is a big help in that process.
Taking Pooh to Bed Taking Pooh to Bed
And now, the Pooh backpack and the Pooh doll are back in the box they came in so that Katie can bring them upstairs and go to bed. Happy Birthday, Katie!

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