Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Report From Gas War Alley

The Jewel and the Citgo on Elmhurst Road have been keeping pace as gas prices fall with the Jewel being usually a penny cheaper than the Citgo and the cheapest gas in the neighborhood. It was at $2.049 yesterday, two cents a gallon less than the Speedway on Touhy.

However, Gas War Alley has been being beaten on price lately from time to time by the dueling BP and Shell stations near where I work -- still in Cook County! Yesterday, the BP station was at $2.019, a penny or two less than the Shell station across the street, which has been the norm for pricing.

This morning, the Speedway on Touhy was at $1.989. The BP was at $1.999.

Until the Shell station lowered its price to $1.979 while I was on my way to lunch. By the time I'd finished lunch, the BP has lowered its price to $1.979.

Since I had about a gallon of gas left in my tank, I issued an immediate buy order. :)

Update: $1.989 tonight at the Citgo, $1.979 at the Jewel.
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