Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Mostly Food Shopping

After a circuitous trip (including two stops at home to swap out laundry so that Katie had bedding for her nap), we have visited Market Fresh Foods, Michaels, Jewel, and Sam's Club and have acquired most of the items on our list. Sam's Club was, as usual, dangerous. One of the items we'd been looking for was unbreakable silver ornaments for the tree. I need about a dozen. I could have bought a hundred of them at Sam's, but this seemed like wretched excess.

I'd also been looking for multi-colored LED sequencing lights which still appear to be uncommon. I did come up empty on those. I also manfully resisted the temptation to buy the "Lightshow in a Box" that Sam's had which allows you to pulse 12 separate outlets worth of lights in time to music, either built-in or of your own choosing.

After all, we'd like to finish decorating the tree before Christmas. :)
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