Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Well, Dam! Mamma Mia!

daisy_knotwise and I had planned to watch Mamma Mia while the girls took a nap this afternoon, a plan that was altered about halfway through the film when it became obvious that Katie had no intention of actually sleeping. While Gretchen took care of the resulting mess, I grabbed a push broom and worked ineffectually through the bedroom window to try to knock some snow off the roof where it looks like we have an ice dam. I need a longer broom. We'll look at Home Depot later to see if they have any of the correct tools left in stock.

Oh, yes. The film. Well, I may not look as good as Pierce Brosnan, but I can outsing him. :)

Katie and Julie joined us to watch the end of the film. Afterwards, we took a quick look at the very limited bonus features on the disk, which included a sing-along section. I cued up the Dancing Queen / Waterloo bit just before the end credits and we started singing.

And Katie started dancing.

We are so doomed. :)
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