Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Wouldn't Brush That With a Ten Foot Pole

That's because a ten foot pole wouldn't have been nearly long enough to do the job of clearing some of the snow off of our roof where we appear to have an ice dam. I'd made an assault on it using a push broom from the bedroom window earlier, but I really didn't have enough reach. So after dinner, we went off to Home Depot to look for a roof rake or something of that sort.

I didn't find a roof rake. What I did find was a sixteen foot long telescoping aluminum pole designed for removing cobwebs and washing windows. I bought the accessories for doing both, as we've been in this house for twelve years and there are a few windows that just need to be cleaned and can't possibly be reached. I also bought what was intended as a flow-through deck brush that I determined weighed a fair amount and could be screwed into the end of the pole.

I have now removed a good bit of snow from the front edge of the roof. This may be enough to allow the sun to take care of the problem. We'll see.
Tags: home, tech, weather

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