Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Really, Really Cold

We got about an inch of well-blown snow last night, so when I got up this morning, I got dressed and went straight out to hit the driveway and sidewalks with the snowblower again. This turns out to have been a really good idea. The ice dam is uncovered and -- if it gets a bit warmer in the next few days -- last night's work may be enough to thaw it out. We'll see.

We took the girls out to lunch and then to Sam's Club. We had thought of doing more shopping, but the wind is picking up and it's getting effectively colder as the day goes on. I went out to the Jewel by myself to pick up groceries and nearly froze to death while trying to get the groceries into the trunk.

The current temperature is minus three Fahrenheit. The wind chill is minus 28, given the 24 MPH steady wind and the 32 MPH gusts.

Oh, wait! Winnipeg is calling. They want their weather back.

Probably because it's even colder there now.

Update: Yes, it's colder in Winnipeg, but not by much. -8 degrees Fahrenheit there. Brr.
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