Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Space, the Final Frontier

In this case, disk space.

My aging IBM 6223 at work has what was for its time a very nice 135 GB SCSI drive. Unfortunately, given the number of things that it has to store (because we have a lot of customers running a lot of different releases), it has become woefully inadequate. The machine will not be being upgraded to something better, because Oracle expects its employees to be using their desktop as a terminal working on a remote server. This doesn't match up extremely well with doing Windows application development.

So we're now into the realm of home-brewed (but approved by my manager!) upgrades to the system. I picked up a terabyte WD SATA drive at Fry's this weekend, plugged it into one of the two SATA ports on the machine, and -- after a bit of entertainment with the Diskpart utility -- now have an empty terabyte of disk space waiting to be filled.

I notice there are also two empty memory slots on the motherboard.

Tags: musings, tech, work

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