Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Blind Leading the Blinds

So I packed up Katie and went off to Lowe's to get some blinds for the office and to replace the damaged shades in Katie's bedroom. Unfortunately, our windows are 68 inches long. So first the woman at Lowe's tried to sell me some 64 inch long blinds. When I pointed out that wouldn't work and we'd have to use the 72 inch blinds, she said fine and that I should come back in ten minutes after she cut them to width.

When I came back, she then told me that she couldn't cut the blinds as narrow as I needed, because it would go right through the cords.

Knowing that ten minutes sooner would have been better.

To add attempted injury to insult, an SUV blew a stop sign in the Lowe's parking lot and nearly ran me over.

So now I'll order some blinds on line. *sigh*
Tags: home, musings

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