Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

GAFilk: Day 1

daisy_knotwise and I were absolutely delighted when autographedcat contacted us a little bit ago to ask us to do the committee choice concert on Friday night. So after Opening Ceremonies and an entertaining round of "My Filk" (which included Rob using the second line of "Apology" as one of the questions -- no one was able to identify the previous line, title, or author :), Gretchen and I got to have a lot of fun and packing all four of our duets into a single concert set. Katie was over on one side of the room, changing DVDs in her player -- she didn't seem to want to watch them, just to change them. ladyat rescued Julie out into the hall before she could become too bored, although at the cost of her martini. (Brenda's, not Julie's.)

Gretchen took the girls to bed and after I retrieved snacks for her from the consuite, I headed down to the open filking for a few hours. It looks like a good time was being had by all.
Tags: cons, filk, kids, musings

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