Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

GAFilk: Day 2

We slept really late this morning. Unfortunately, that meant that by the time we got lunch, we'd missed Larry and Emma's concerts. *sigh* I did hear some nice stuff in the 2x10s, including ladyat's song about sleep apnea and the romantic failings of a CPAP.

I suppose having an elephant fetish wouldn't hurt. :)

The banquet was a lot of fun. Play It With Moxie picked up "Crosstime Bus" this year and I really enjoyed hearing their treatment of it. quadrivium had warned me it was coming and kept asking me beforehand if it was all right if they did it. Well, yes, of course! :)

After the banquet, min0taur and Sally did a wonderful concert. bedlamhouse and I buzzed through the Interfilk auction in good time and raised a lot of money, a good chunk of it due to the efforts of Harold Stein, who provided copies of all of the concerts at the con. daisy_knotwise would have joined us as an auctioneer, but we'd run out of people to watch Julie and she really wanted the attention.

I sat in the open filk for a bit tonight where Barry was good enough to play "Small Designs" for Gretchen before she had to take the children off to bed. I headed up not too much later, as the room was pretty relentlessly cheerful, which wasn't really what I was in the mood for. And it wasn't like Katie and Julie weren't happy to see me.

Or Gretchen, for that matter. :)
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