Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Running Down the Stars

I got back from Confusion a bit before 10 PM Chicago time, making good time after catalana and I packed up the table. More about Confusion later. Like tomorrow.

I discovered that I was tired enough on the way home that listening to music was more likely to put me to sleep than keep me awake. Writing music, on the other hand, worked pretty well as a device to keep me from falling asleep while driving.

So I have a new song.

(Note to Erica: Yes, this is what the chord progression in the Dealers' Room was for. No, I don't think the chord progression actually managed to survive into the automotive version. I wonder what the chords are actually going to end up being...)

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2009

Running Down the Stars

I’m running down the stars.
I’m riding on the foam.
Distance is the bars
That are keeping me from home.
I’ve been away too long
And I don’t know what to do,
But I know it can’t be wrong
If it brings me home to you.

I’m pushing past the speed of light.
I’m breaking all the laws
And when I push that throttle right,
I’ve got effect before the cause.
My life is quite improbable.
It had to be with you.
Equations might be solvable
And if they are, I’m coming through.

I’m cruising on the energy
Drawn from the quantum field,
Abusing every synergy
To break the laws and crank the yield.
Divide the sum by zero
And fly without a net.
I don’t need to be a hero,
Just a gambler who can win a bet.

In the constants of creation, there are answers to be found.
If no one hears me vanish, would I go without a sound?
If the clock upon the ship should say that I am running late
Would I say that I am here or there or indeterminably state

I’m looking for solutions
To equations quite complex,
But I’ve got no resolutions
Where imaginaries twist and vex.
They might tell you that I’m lost.
I know that it’s not true.
I only need to pay the cost
To find the root that leads to you.

(Chorus twice)
But I know it can’t be wrong.
Yes, I know it can’t be wrong
If it brings me home to you.
If it brings me home to you.
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