Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Adventures in Childrearing

It was an exciting weekend at home. The new semi-bunk beds for the girls arrived Saturday morning and whl was good enough to come by on Friday night and help daisy_knotwise move furniture to accommodate the new beds. We'd misguessed on exactly how they were going to fit, but that wasn't too hard to correct for.

Unfortunately, Katie was being a bit stubborn about napping, possibly due to a similarly timed large magnitude poop event. Gretchen decided that the facilities cleanup could wait until I got home to watch Julie while she straightened up the mess. So I was sitting downstairs with a sleeping baby on my chest -- a fine thing at any time! -- while Gretchen cleaned and Katie "helped".

Part of this help involved dumping the entire can of Katie's formula into the sink and on the floor. Not good.

We've still been giving Katie one or more bottles at night, because we've been having trouble weaning her off them while Julie's getting them. The first bottle, prepared downstairs, has been milk. Subsequent bottles are made with half-strength toddler formula.

Which we were now officially out of.

So after we finally got Katie into her new bed, we were shortly thereafter greeted by the thump of the empty tossed bottle and a demanding cry of "More bobbo!"

I opened the door to her bedroom and informed her that she was not getting more bobbo, because she had poured out the can of formula. I closed the door.

Crying and whining ensued. Several minutes later, I went to the bathroom, picked up the empty can of formula, and presented it to Katie in her bed. "There are no more bobbos tonight, because you poured out the can of formula. If you hadn't, I would make you one."

More crying and whining ensued. Several minutes later, I walked in, picked up the remains of the milk bottle from the counter where I'd put it after my first trip, and handed Katie a bottle of mildly milk-flavored water.

The crying and whining stopped.

Gretchen reports that Katie asked for a bottle of water this morning.


Next: back to sippy cups.

Well, soon, anyway. :)
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