Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

When a Plan Comes Together

There's still a good bit of chaos around as a result of the arrival of the girls' new bunk beds. Tonight, I came home from work and started tackling it.

Step one was to bring the old bed downstairs and store it in the space that I recently cleared in the library. While this is a mild setback on the creation of order there, moving the bed out of the office -- which I use a lot more frequently! -- was a big win.

After a bit of negotiation, we've decided to put Katie's crib into the guest bedroom. When we have guests, she can sleep in the pack and play in our room. The crib blocks a small section of the closet door, but it's the same section of the closet door that was blocked by the changing table and dresser, so no real change there.

I slid the new dresser in the girls' room into the corner, making room to move the changing table / dresser in there at least temporarily while we move clothes from one to the other. That made room for the crib to go where it now belongs, so daisy_knotwise is doing the one-person assembly work and has sent me away to read e-mail so I stop pacing. :)

In a minute, I'll go help finish the crib assembly and Julie can sleep there tonight.

And there will be much rejoicing.
Tags: home, kids, musings

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