Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Nine Months Old

Julie turned nine months old today. Because we figured the place would be insane for dinner -- they were having an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink Superbowl buffet -- daisy_knotwise and I decided to take the girls over to Sweet Baby Ray's for lunch.

Daddy and Julie Daddy and Julie
Julie is nine months old today. And into handholds. Like sideburns.
Posing Posing
Katie, on the other hand, sees the camera and immediately starts posing.
Crinkle Face Crinkle Face
Oh, come on, Daddy. You can do better than that. (Note that the hair is not in her eyes due to having been freshly washed and treated with Mommy's conditioner.)
They Gave Me the Crayons They Gave Me the Crayons
It's ok that I'm doing this. Really. They gave me the crayons.
I Want Meat I Want Meat
Julie, meanwhile, has found a knife that -- mercifully -- is quite dull. Good for teething though!
Katie and Daddy Katie and Daddy
And here's Katie and Daddy. Daddy gets to be in photos today, because Mommy brought *her* camera.
I Have a Cold In My Nose I Have a Cold In My Nose
It's getting better. Not fast enough.
Get Me Out of This Get Me Out of This
I want *out* of this stroller. Do you understand?
Today, Standing.  Tomorrow, The World! Today, Standing. Tomorrow, The World!
Walking. Walking is the key. And since I can already walk behind the stack tables in the living room as they slide across the floor, I should be walking *soon*.
Peekaboo! Peekaboo!
Meanwhile, Katie is her usual active self while we were getting the oil changed on the minivan.

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