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And as Bruce Apparently Hits the Nail on the Head 
27th-Aug-2004 02:14 pm
In one of the various op-eds that minnehaha B posted links to the other day, he pointed out that profiling and frequent flyer cards that allow a class of users to be subject to less stringent security at airports simply mean that the terrorists will recruit people who don't fit the profile and will find ways to acquire the frequent flyer IDs.

It seems that Russia just found this out, if reports are correct. They now suspect that the two planes that went down there the other night were the victims of terrorist bombs carried on the planes by women. Apparently they don't usually frisk the women.
27th-Aug-2004 07:31 pm (UTC)
See? I knew we agreed on something politically. That was the first thing I thought of when they announced the frequent flyer cards. Biggest problem I can see beyond that is that if they start recruiting people specifically for suicide missions, those people won't have a terrorist background to check....
27th-Aug-2004 11:25 pm (UTC)
There's a schneier.com? Hmm.
28th-Aug-2004 05:04 pm (UTC)
I've thought for a long time that those burkas (sp?) that the women wear in Chechnya, Iraq, etc., could hide a lot of things....including terrorists in drag, for that matter.

Maybe I'm just cynical.
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