Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Blogging From Worldcon

Apparently, the Noreascon committee is looking for folks who are here to blog about the con as it occurs. And since I've got work's WiFi equipped laptop with me and the wireless is working in the Hynes, it appears that here I am.

Now, being a filthy huckster, I'm spending a lot of time in the Dealers' Room. (Stop laughing, Gretchen!) We're across the aisle from NESFA Press and down the aisle from the Concourse, so we've got a few folks stopping by and picking up CDs.

The entertainingly bad things that have happened have both been Dealers' Room related: the instructions for how to get to the loading dock for the dealers were only workable if you had a VTOL craft. It turns out that when they tell you to turn on Dalton St. and look for the loading dock, you had to look down. We circled the block three times, got to the wrong side of I-90 by accident; reversed course, got trapped in a left-turn lane by a utility truck, and found Ralph standing at the top of the loading dock ramp with a large sign reading "Noreascon 4 Dealers". Thank God. The good news was that no one else could find the ramp either, so there wasn't much of a line.

Then there are the chairs they gave the dealers. These were supplied by Freeman, the same wonderful folks we had to deal with at Chicon 2000. These are the worst chairs in the history of folding chairs. I sat down on one (relatively carefully) last night as the Dealers' Room was closing and found that I wasn't stopping on my way to the concrete floor. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt, although Steven Silver knocked over a rack of tapes while trying to help me up.

Actually, the crash seems to have improved my sciatica from driving here. *sigh*

The chair was toast.

But we've seen some good music, met the Suttons for dinner at Marche purely by accident last night, which was also nice. I've been helping out with the Columbus in 2007 bid when I've got free time, so I helped them set up the party room that they're sharing with Japan (yes, that does seem strange, but it's mostly working, other than when the fellow from Japan put a Japan sign on the soda table which was on Columbus' side of the room because it was a "common table". Well, that's fine, but their space -- by my calibrated eyeball -- looks like it's about 20% larger than the space allocated to Columbus and they were quite clear on being unable to find space for the table on their side, so...).

There's a lot of interest in the vote and we're out drumming up votes. So, if you're at the con reading this for some reason, consider yourself drummed. :)

More later, but I ought to go back to being a huckster now.
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