Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Assorted Prep Work

Ok, the van is now loaded up with the stuff for the dealer table at Capricon. I just need to add the luggage tomorrow once we pack it up.

The assorted bits of recording gear (and the slide projector for Bernie!) are either in my car or stacked downstairs, save for the recording laptop, which is sitting next to the dresser after last night's marathon download of operating system updates. Fortunately, the drivers for the interface box haven't changed since last year when I updated them from the POS drivers that came with it originally. The new drivers worked much better. :)

And I still need to see if I can find the missing ISFiC Press bank statements for Steven. I'm sure they're here somewhere...
Tags: cons, filk, home, musings, tech

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