Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Back in the Mixmaster

Today, Gretchen and I got a chance to get into the studio and mix in the tracks that we got from Dave, Tom, Steve, and Dorotha at Torcon. We added in a few more backing vocals from the two of us, then mixed about half the CD down, and headed out for dinner with a copy of the CD to play in the van. (If we can hear everything in the van with the windows open, then the mix has a *chance* of working.) We accumulated a new set of mix notes and headed back to the studio for another round of remixing.

I think we're close to done now. We still have to record the final tracks for "Brain Sludge", but that *should* be fairly straightforward. (Famous last words.)

Under normal circumstances, I'd be sure there's plenty of time to get this done for OVFF, but given the adventures with getting "Sushi and High Tea" back from the duplicator, I'm running paranoid. Keep your fingers crossed.

Todd Hamilton's promised me a cover this weekend. Gretchen and I are looking forward to seeing it. Then I get to lay out the insert. I'll probably include lyrics, if I can get them all to fit. I wonder if 6 point is actually big enough to read...
Tags: filk, musings

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