Bill Roper's Journal
1st-Mar-2009 05:22 pm
Not in any bad sense.

Yesterday, we ran out to Home Decorators and picked up the new light shades for the ceiling fan in the living room and the new light fixture for the upstairs hallway. Today, when we got back from lunch, I grabbed the tall ladder and swapped out the shades in the living room. There was much rejoicing, especially from Katie and Julie, who shredded a good bit of the cheap styrofoam packing material into little tiny styrofoam bits that are now everywhere.

After that, daisy_knotwise put Julie down for a nap and set up Madagascar 2 for Katie in the DVD player downstairs. She then headed out shopping while I decided to install the new blinds in the office. This was much more work that it should have been -- tolerances were being just a bit tight! -- but I finally got them both in, despite a bit of help from Katie on the second blind.

By this point, I was pooped, suggesting -- along with today's continued digestive symptoms -- that I'm not quite over the current crud. I lay down for a bit as Katie pummelled me in the back to keep changing DVDs in the player. It was more restful than standing up. :)

When Gretchen got home, she wrangled the kids while I swapped out the hallway light fixture for the new one. It seems to be working fine. It's quite attractive, but we've concluded that if and when we swap out the fixtures downstairs, we'll go with the design that matches the shades on the ceiling fan in the living room. It's just a bit too purple for those halls. :)
2nd-Mar-2009 02:34 am (UTC)
Well, congratulations on the upgrades to the physical plant :-)
2nd-Mar-2009 03:19 am (UTC)

You live in a place twelve years, you get tired of looking at some of the original builder fixtures. :)
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