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Catching Up on Photos of the Girls

We've been running behind on our picture taking. daisy_knotwise misplaced her small camera and Katie managed to get fingerprints on the lens of my big camera which I haven't had time to clean off yet. But the small camera I've been looking to buy showed up on sale this weekend, so I've now picked one up and installed a 16 GB memory card -- good for about 7000 pictures!

I guess I should take some.

Katie will be 28 months old this week. Julie is 10 and a half months old. Tempus fugits.

Gimme, Daddy! Gimme, Daddy!
Katie would like to have the new camera. She's not getting it.
Come to My Room Come to My Room
She did, however, want to have her picture taken in her room. So off we went.
Posing Posing
Because somebody has figured out how to look cute without half trying...
Yay!  Daddy's Taking Pictures! Yay! Daddy's Taking Pictures!
Gretchen was a bit under the weather today and had shortly before been trying to take a nap. Katie wanted her picture taken with Mommy. Guess who won? Yes, Katie's pants have vanished. Daddy had to change the diaper and Katie was stubbornly resistant to putting the pants back on. Some fights aren't worth winning.
A Snack After the Nap A Snack After the Nap
So we were getting ready to go to dinner -- hence, Katie has been forcibly returned to her pants -- which meant that it was time to wake Julie from her nap. Of course, a little something was in order.
This Is My Bottle This Is My Bottle
No, dear. Daddy is not going to take the bottle away. Just look at the camera.
Mommy and Julie Mommy and Julie
The problem is that Julie, like Katie before her, doesn't want to stay in the high chair. And the seatbelt is just as ineffective as it was with Katie at this age.
Flash, Flash, Flash Flash, Flash, Flash
Stop flashing that thing at me or I'll hit you with this bottle cap!
Gumbo Gumbo
Gretchen is fond of the gumbo at Sweet Baby Ray's. So is Katie.
What You Lookin' At? What You Lookin' At?
Yeah, it's gumbo. So what?
Where's the Food? Where's the Food?
Julie has graduated to eating almost anything that we put in front of her. Note that there *is* nothing in front of her at the moment, because the main course hasn't arrived yet. This does *not* make her happy.
Reading Pooh Reading Pooh
Katie has taken the Pooh book away from Daddy so she can read it. Now, if she only knew what the words meant...
Daddy Reading! Daddy Reading!
But Daddy has now recovered the book and resumed reading the story about the expotition to the North Pole.
And Here's Pooh And Here's Pooh
It's important that Pooh be along for the expotition.
Waiting for Katie Waiting for Katie
And here's Gretchen, on the lower of the two new beds, waiting for Katie to come back over and go to bed. Which she will do. Eventually.

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