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Heroes Season Finale

The Heroes season finale was last night. And despite Katie and Julie's best efforts, we did manage to watch it with a bit of help from our DVR. All this means that I'm able to make some serious spoilerish comments.

I always enjoy seeing a show finish strong and I think Heroes did. The change in the production staff at mid-season has worked wonders, as we're back to doing strong character bits with the characters in character.

The promos promised us that one of the original heroes was going to die. The smart money around our house was on Nathan, with Angela as the backup choice, but it turned out the smart money was right. Well, mostly anyway, as I'm not quite sure that Nathan is quite dead. Yeah, I know. I'll get to that.

I loved seeing Peter take out Sylar in the limo, although I had some qualms about doing it with the sedative, as I remember Claire doing a fine job of metabolizing alcohol in a big hurry. But daisy_knotwise points out that it was enough sedative to knock out a horse, so I guess I'll give them a pass on that. :)

So let's go back to dead Nathan. There we are in the room with unconscious Sylar, Angela, Matt, and HRG. And there's one thing that HRG knows intimately well that no one else in the room does -- a transfusion of Claire's blood will bring dead Nathan back to life. He can make it happen.

If only he could manage to figure out how to kill Sylar. But he doesn't know where Sylar's moved the kill spot to and he doesn't have time to figure it out. And Angela has this crazy scheme...

Which just might work. And -- as we established with the fake Sylar corpse -- he can put Nathan's body on ice so that he can take a shot at having Claire revive him later, once he figures out how to really kill Sylar. In the meantime, what I'm referring to as the Proteus Solution (after its recent use in Marvel's Exiles to get rid of a Big Bad there) will serve as a temporary solution to all of his problems.

All he has to do is to lie to Claire. Again.

All in the service of the greater good.

In other news, Hiro's headed back to Japan with Ando. And I'm sure that we'll spend a chunk of next season with Hiro on a quest to regain (safe) control of his abilities. Which is fine by me.

Then we move on to the ending segment that's the teaser for the next season. I wasn't at all surprised to see Tracy back. Were you? :)

If you want to see a Q & A with a couple of the show's creators, you can find it here.
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