Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Bits and Pieces

Well, if they hadn't delayed the start of last night's Cubs game by 35 minutes waiting for a phantom thunderstorm that apparently missed the ballpark -- we had about two minutes of rain and they covered the field at about 6:55 PM -- they might have finished the game on schedule. As it was, the rain arrived in earnest after the seventh inning and I left. They played another half-inning before covering the field for the final time. But the Cubs won and my fantasy first baseman hit two homers, so I did ok. :)

The official messiest food at the park has to be the chili dog nachos that are new this year. Burp.

My changes to the initialization for our tab control all seem to be working fine, so I've checked them into ClearCase. Yay!

I have, I think, successfully preserved my about-to-expire United Mileage Plus miles by having lunch at the pizzeria across the street and paying for it with my Discover Card that's linked to the Mileage Plus dining plan. We'll see if the miles show up in my account. And it was pretty decent pizza.

jeff_duntemann is joining us for dinner tonight. He must like us, because the menu for tonight is "leftovers". :)
Tags: baseball, cubs, food, home, musings, work

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