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daisy_knotwise gave me the chorus for this song right after FilkOntario. I put chords to it a few weeks ago and we picked it back up in the last couple of days to put together the verses.

Did I mention that Katie wants to go to the moon?

Words and Music: Bill and Gretchen Roper
Copyright 2009


Let’s fill up the tank and pile in the van
When the moon is high in the sky.
With a big chunk of cavorite under the hood,
You’ll believe that a van can fly.
We’re all buckled in so we know we’ll be safe
As the big red van starts to rise,
‘Cause there’s nothing quite like spending your Saturday night
On a family drive through the skies.

We’re goin’ to the moon in my red minivan.
I’ve packed some milk and cookies and some strawberry jam.
With Baby and Mommy and Winnie the Pooh,
So come along and join us ‘cause there’s just room for you.
We’re goin’ to the moon in my red minivan.
I know we’re gonna make it – Katie told me we can!

Roll the windows up, ‘cause we’re gettin’ so high
And it’s better when the air is inside.
And Daddy’s got the pedal pressed down to the floor,
So it’s gonna be a heckuva ride.
We’ll cruise for a minute in zero-G,
Plucking M & Ms from the air.
And the man in the moon is smilin’ tonight,
‘Cause in just a half an hour we’ll be there.

And the lights in the sky are brighter
Than they were before we started to fly.
And we count the stars through the windows
As we watch the constellations roll by.
It’s a beautiful night to go cruising
With the family all aboard for a trip.
And if Katie says it’s true then I’ve gotta believe
That a minivan is gonna be a rocket ship.

We’re gonna kick up the dust at Tranquility Base
As our red lunar rover rolls by.
And there’s a big blue marble hanging high overhead
That’s the prettiest thing in the sky.
We’ll blow a big bubble and fill it with air
So we can wander round safe in our dome
And we’ll build sand castles by the light of the Earth
‘Till it’s time to pack up and go home

(Chorus to coda)
I know we’re gonna make it – Katie told me we can!
I know we’re gonna make it – Katie told me we can!
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